Topic: SEEHCRI.SYS driver

I deleted it by mistake and can't find it anywhere to download pls help me. Driver pack solution sends me here to download the driver but the link doesn't works. Another driver is missing and cannot be installed and needs to be downloaded is USB\ROOT_HUB20&VID8086&PID1E26&REV0004 Link for this one is\ROOT_HUB20 … %26REV0004 which also doesn't works pls help me I'm going through alot of agony.

Re: SEEHCRI.SYS driver

Welcome to arsh469,
As stated on the page that you downloaded it from, the support site for Driver Pack Solution is
This is, We support our software and packs here.
We are not able to provide support for projects that we are not involved with.
Have a great day.