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Hello there I have currently a problem in windows xp sp3 Greek,as you can see in the image the characters in the time zone layout the title of the country after GMT are not displaying correct i`m suspecting an windows update cause this,any ideas?

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Re: time zone problem

Time Zone Updates should be the first place to look, if i have that correct.
  If you have included POS updates, it could be either KB2981580, or KB2998527.

Maybe the text for Greek had been changed lately, or some time previous.
Check the .Inf files within.  Extraction is easy via command line.
KBxxxxxxx.exe /passive /norestart /extract:C:\newfolder - also see:

Notepad++ & the "compare" plugin are good tools for comparing .Inf file contents.  Even the updated "compare" plugin isn't perfect, yet works well for the majority of incrimental update .Inf files.  Have been meaning to try WinMerge, which is purportedly another good tool for comparing .Inf files.  There are likely more available from their respective Authors to choose from.

I thank you for starting a new topic for this question.  smile

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Re: time zone problem

Thanks for the reply,i have the KB2981580 but not the other one i checked the inf the greek characters are displaying correct there,but still i cannot be sure if there is an error in the update since i dont have a clue how an error look like in the inf,strange issue.and another thing how can i remove the KB2981580 from my windows iso? I search all the inf that nlite changes and i found in Nlite.inf in the iso multiple entries of KB2981580 and also some greek characters incorrect that say egypt in congolese or something language tongue i also found in SVCPACK.inf the following entry "KB2981580.CAT" if i delete this it does not install it? but even if i remove this all the other entries remain in Nlite.inf, i smell another sherlock case here  hmm

i was searching were to post this question and i think i found the place. smile

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Re: time zone problem

pos update KB3011843 released in November solved the problem installed from windows,i don`t know if i integrate it with nlite  if will correct the iso also hmm

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Re: time zone problem

I am fine.