Topic: [req] Asus P8P67 EVO drivers

On a fresh installation of win 7 without network access and the chipset driver pack extracted in my drivers folder , windows can't find any suitable drivers there for my mainboard and its onboard components: … _Download/

this post might be relevant to the rest of the subforums as well, like audio or lan, but i didn't want to duplicate it.

Re: [req] Asus P8P67 EVO drivers

Yes, you are correct.
This is likely because the official packs are a little out of date.
Bigfoot has some beta's available from March of 2013 that might work for you.
Be aware that it doesn't support SAD3's "delete irrelevent OS folders" function.

see … 068#p51068, etc.

We are working to improve the driver packs and can well use and appreciate any help.

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