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DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1308271 - Cumulative Changelog:

(based upon DP_Misc_wnt5_x86-32_1201)

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-A\ (a38ccid.inf) Advanced Card Systems (ACS) CCID USB SCR  {DriverVer=01/17/2013,}
    (a38usamp.inf) ACS ACR38 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=11/03/2009,}
    (a38usb.inf) ACS ACR38 USB Smart Card Reade  {DriverVer=09/18/2012,}
    (a83usb.inf) ACS ACR83 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=06/07/2010,}
    (acr10X.inf) ACS ACR100/ACR101/ACR102 ICC Reader  {DriverVer=01/19/2011,}
    (acr30up.inf) ACS ACR30U USB Smart Card  {DriverVer=02/19/2010,}
    (acr33.inf) ACS ACR33 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/23/2011,}
    (acr88.inf) ACS ACR88 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=10/15/2007,}
    (acr89.inf) ACS ACR89 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=02/16/2012,}
    (acr90wdm.inf) ACS ACR90 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=01/19/2004,}
    (acr91wdm.inf) ACS ACR91 PC/SC PCMCIA  {DriverVer=04/01/2004,}
    (acr92.inf) ACS ACR92 PCMCIA Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer= 12/04/2007,}
    (acr122.inf) ACS ACR122 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=10/10/2012,}
    (acr128.inf) ACS ACR128 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=06/30/2010,}
    (acr1222.inf) ACS ACR1222 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=01/24/2012,}
    (acr1251.inf) ACS ACR1251 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=03/06/2013,}
    (acr1281.inf) ACS ACR1281 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=10/19/2012,}
    (acr1283.inf) ACS ACR1283 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=03/20/2012,}
    (acr3801.inf) ACS ACR3801 Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=06/17/2009,}
    (acrsercp.inf) ACS ACR30SP Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/14/2007,}
    (acscm.inf) ACS CryptoMate  {DriverVer=12/06/2011,}
    (aet62.inf) ACS AET62 PICC Reader  {DriverVer=12/16/2010,}
    (aet63p.inf) ACS AET63 BioTRUSTKey  {DriverVer=05/28/2008,}
    (aet65.inf) ACS AET65 ICC Reader  {DriverVer=11/30/2010,}
    (apg8201.inf) ACS APG8201 Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=03/05/2013,}
-AI\ (akspcsc.inf) ActivIdentity Virtual PC/SC  {DriverVer=05/02/2007,}
-Al\ Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/15/2012,}
-At\ (UsbReader.inf) Athena ASEKey/eToken J  {DriverVer=10/27/2009,}
     (VirtSCR.INF) Athena ASEKey Virtual SC Reader  {DriverVer=10/27/2009,}
-B\ Broadcom Smart Card Reader Filter  {DriverVer=09/23/2008,}
    Broadcom USH ControlVault WBDI Device  {DriverVer=08/09/2012,6.1.7600.16385}
-Cr\ HID Global Crescendo C1150 Smart Card  {DriverVer=01/15/2013,}
     HID Global Crescendo C200 Smart Card  {DriverVer=07/12/2007,}
-E\ (ESCR7SK.inf) ENE PCI Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=12/20/2002,1.03.00}
-G\ (GCR550-D.inf) Gemalto GCR5500-D Virtual Comm port  {DriverVer=08/04/2008,}
    (gcr.inf) Gemalto Sealys Vitale/Santé  {DriverVer=11/23/2009,}
    (Gemalto.MiniDriver.IDPrime.inf) Gemalto IDPrime Smartcard  {DriverVer=01/10/2013,}
    (GemScope.inf) Gemalto-GIE SESAM-Vitale GemScope/GCR730 Virtual Comm port  {DriverVer=03/26/2007,6.0.2600.1}
    (GemSealP.INF) Gemplus Gem e-Seal Pro USB Token  {DriverVer=11/15/2005,}
    (gemser.inf) Gemplus GemPC410 Serial Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=06/25/2003,}
    (gemusb.inf) Gemplus GemPC430 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=12/04/2001,}
    (GKUPRO2D.INF) Dell Smart Card Reader Keyboard  {DriverVer=10/29/2012,}
    (MDE_MiniDriver_x86.inf) Gemalto Classic MDE Smart Card  {DriverVer= 11/21/2007,}
-G\1\ (Gr433s.inf) Gemplus GemPC433 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/11/2003,}
-H\ (HPKBSC.inf) HP Modular USB Smartcard Keyboard  {DriverVer=03/06/2012,}
    (STCDFU.inf) SCM Microsystems STCII/STC3 DFU Adapters (for USB SC-KB)  {DriverVer=11/13/2008,2.02}
-L\ lenovo Integrated Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/16/2012,}
-M\ Microsoft USB CCID Smart Card reader  {DriverVer=08/01/2006,5.2.3790.2724}
    Microsoft Usbccid Smartcard Reader (WUDF)  {DriverVer=12/04/2008,6.0.6001.18176}
-O\ (cxbu1wdm.inf) HID Global USB CCID Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=02/02/2012,}
    (cxdonwdm.inf) HID Global OmniKey CardMan 6121  {DriverVer=01/21/2010,}
    (okcfgx86.inf) HID Global OmniKey 2061 Bluetooth  {DriverVer=03/12/2010,}
    HID OMNIKEY Workbench V1.4.0.1 x86
-O\E\ HID Global OMNIKEY 55x3 Reader (USB)  {DriverVer = 05/02/2011,}
-R\ (rismc32.inf) RICOH Card-Bay SmartCard Reader  {DriverVer=03/09/2007,}
-Sn\ SafeNet Sentinel SuperPro/UltraPro/HardwareKey USB Token  {DriverVer=12/10/2012,}
-U\ (MHIKEY10.INF) CHTL UT360 Generic USB smartcard reader  {DriverVer=03/03/2008,}

-AC\ to AI\ (ActivCard/ActivIdentity/ActivKey)
-B1\ to B\, O\ to O2\ (O2Micro)
-G\ to G\2\ ctbus.* & PnpGemprox.* GemProx bus enumerator/PnpGemprox Smart Card Reader
-O1\ through O9\ & OA\ through OD\ to O\1\ through O\D\ (OmniKey)
-R\ to R\1\ (rismc.inf) RICOH Card-Bay SmartCard Reader  {DriverVer=07/20/2009,1.12}
-SC\ to S\ (SCM)
-TO\ to G\1\ (AgmIIUsb.inf) Todos Data System Smartcard Reader Argos Mini II
-W2\ to  W\ (Winbond)

Moved to G\1\:
-G\ (gemser.inf) Gemplus GemPC410 Serial Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/18/2003,}
     (gemusb.inf) Gemplus GemPC430 USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=08/11/2003,}

Moved to O\:
-O\8\ (cxbu0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan xx21, SmartBoard/SmartTerminal xx44
-O\A\ (cxbp0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan 4040
-O\C\ (cxru0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan 5x21/5x25
-S\ (cxbu1wdm.inf) OmniKey USB CCID SmartCard Reader

-G\ (R20V2W2K.INF) SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 V2 Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=12/18/2002,}
     (R20V3.INF) SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 V3 Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=12/05/2003,}
          - SchlumbergerSema Reflex 20 HWID's exist in S\SCR24X.inf  {DriverVer= 05/21/2009,1.28}
     (Reflexxp.inf) SchlumbergerSema Reflex USB Lite Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=09/01/2002,}
          - SchlumbergerSema Reflex HWID exists in A\acr30up.inf  {DriverVer=02/19/2010,}

-A\SmartUSB.* ActivCard SmartReader  {DriverVer = 07/31/2006,}
          - v1.0.5.0 was WHQL'ed for NT6.0, now WHQL'ed for NT5.1/5.2

-AI\ ActivKey Display/Sim/USB Reader v4 to {DriverVer=12/13/2010,}
-At\ (ASEDriveKB/ASEDriveUSB > ASEDRV3.inf) Athena ASEDrive IIIe to {DriverVer=07/18/2011,}
-B\ Broadcom USH CV (Dell ControlVault) to {DriverVer=10/04/2012,6.1.7600.20212}
-C\ Castles Technology EZUSB PC/SC Smart Card Reader to {DriverVer=03/15/2011,}
-G\ (eGate.inf > eGateUSB.inf) Axalto e-gate USB Smart Card  {DriverVer=05/09/2007,}
    (GemCCID.inf) Gemalto Gemplus CCID Smart Card Reader to {DriverVer=02/22/2013,}
    (GemproxXU.inf>proxpu_cu.inf) Gemalto Prox-PU/CU PC/SC Contactless Reader {DriverVer=02/24/2009,}
    (gpccard.inf) Gemplus GemPC Card Smart Card Reader to {DriverVer=05/26/2009,}
    (GPinPad.inf) Gemplus GemPC Pinpad USB Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=06/08/2009,}
-O\ (cxbp0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan 4040  {DriverVer=12/05/2011,}
    (cxbu0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan xx21, SmartBoard/SmartTerminal xx44  {DriverVer=03/04/2013,}
    (cxbu1wdm.inf) HID Global USB CCID Smart Card Reader  {DriverVer=02/02/2012,}
    (cxru0wdm.inf) OmniKey CardMan 5x21/5x25/63x1  {DriverVer=06/04/2013,}
    OKDiagnosticTool to V2.4.0.5
-O2\ o2Micro OZ776 USB CCID Smartcard Reader to {DriverVer = 01/20/2012,}
-RT\ Realtek USB Smartcard Reader to {DriverVer=05/02/2012,6.1.7601.33044}
-S\ SCM Microsystems SCR24x SmartCard Reader  {DriverVer= 05/21/2009,1.28}
          - Updated Security Catalog
    SCM Microsystems/Identive SCR3xx SmartCard Reader to {DriverVer=12/06/2012,}

Previous Changelogs (by various maintainers):
20081019 - Updated  (RogueSpear)
 - Merged with DP_Misc

v80228    (Jinkazama)
Added AI\1    Activeidentity ActivCard Smart
      O2\1    O2Micro FlashMedia Disk Device
        O2Micro Integrated MS/MSPRO Controller
        O2Micro Integrated MMC/SD controller
        O2Micro SD Disk Device
      RE\1    Realtek Generic Win2K/XP Multi-lun USB Mass Storage Driver
      SC\1    SCM Microsystems Inc.SCR33x USB Smart Card Reader
        SCR333 Internal Smart Card Reader
        SCR335 USB Smart Card Reader
        SCR3310 USB Smart Card Reader
        SCR3320 USB Smart Card Reader
        Expresscard USB SIM Card Reader
        SCR3340 - ExpressCard54 Smart Card Reader
        SCR3340 ExpressCard Reader
        SCR3311 USB Smart Card Reader
        SCR35xx USB Smart Card Reader
        SCR338 USB Keyboard Smart Card Reader
        SCR3xx USB SmartCardReader
        SCR3xx USB SmartCardReader64
      T\2    Texas Instruments PCIxx21 Integrated FlashMedia Controller
      TO\1    Todos Data System AB Argos Mini II
      W\2    Winbond Memory Stick Storage (MS) Device Driver
        Winbond Smartcard Reader
        Winbond (MS/SD/MMC) Storage

7.09.5 - Debugger

- \W\2 Winbond Smartcard Reader moved in SmartCardReader DP by request of JakeLD

-\W\1 - Winbond Smartcard Reader, 04/24/2002, 1.8.2002.0424 (moved from DP_Misc) (Debugger)
-O\4040 - Omnikey CardMan 4040, 10/11/2004, (Debugger)

DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1308271.7z - 51 MB   3b3736b16f6bdc7e87109cd520b70f2805bee3ec
DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1308271.CRC     big_smile

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Alcor Micro USB Smart Card Reader updated.     smile

DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1401031.7z - 51.03 MB   adc3d38cc367f7ded3585248e45c8e14fc0d8d29

Re: [Nightlies] DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1308-1403 - Public

DP_SmartCard_wnt5_x86-32_1403281.7z - 51.61 MB   7F2CD580ADB9EF15907FECA363E8DFE718B95B61

Recommended for post-Windows Setup utilizing SAD3.
  Probably no need to integrate via DPs_BASE.