Topic: Multiboot with One I386

I have a disc with this Structure...


I can do it with this method, or I need to do with single boot method (I have runonceex method for installing apps).

Vol1 is a recovery system
Vol2 is my O.S unattended.

I am using single boot method but with Mass I need to move or copy files to Vol2 to run every time I integrate the files, I need to do that of I can use multiboot?

Re: Multiboot with One I386

I have created a multiboot disk with one I386, no extra folders...

What I've done is

1. copy setupldr.bin to repairld.bin
2. hex edit repairld.bin to replace all references to winnt.sif to repnt.sif
3. remove entire [Unattended] section from repnt.sif
4. use the multiboot features with the following ini file....

C:\            ; Boot from drive C:
\I386\SETUPLDR.BIN        ;  Corporate SP2 Unattended
\I386\REPAIRLD.BIN        ;  Corporate SP2 w/Repair Prompt

(excess coding removed from above...)

and, for driverpacks on the repair... i created a couple of files i put in the root of the CD Structure folder....
   DEL /F %systemroot%\system32\setupold.exe
   move /Y PRESETUP.CMD I386
   del /F I386\*.ORG
   rd /s /q I386\LANG
   rd /s /q I386\WIN9XMIG
   rd /s /q I386\WIN9XUPG
   rd /s /q I386\WINNTUPG
   filecase /s /h /q /d /u *.*
   del /F !RUNME.CMD

i then run !RUNME.CMD as the last step prior to creating the ISO.

If you'd like any clarification, or more info, i'm willing to help.

I'm also willing to share the bin files i've edited to make it work, the multiboot files, etc....
just let me know

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Re: Multiboot with One I386

Hey, that's a pretty clever idea. I'm still trying to develop a method for installing all of the different flavors of Windows XP without having any duplicate content on the disc. I might have come up with a solution, but we'll see. *shrug*