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Sorry I'm posting this bug here, but I'm sure a dev could expedite it vs. figuring out how to post to the bugtracker for this project.

Anyway, using dism to inject drivers into a boot.wim for Windows 8 (issue on x64 and x86 ). Usually I inject C/L/M, but got a blue screen.

Integrated packs and then folders one by one and it came out to be x86/Win7/USB/Via/2. I don't know about x86/Vista/USB/Via/1 since I deleted that (and the rest of the Vista folders) straightaway.


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1. using the newest stable x86 drivers (Problem may mirror to x64 as well)
2. integrating drivers to both index:1 (PE) and index:2 (Setup)
3. Some boot tests were done on two computers (laptop/desktop) to mostly eliminate hardware-dependence of BSOD

It turns out that C/AMD/1/SB9xx is also causing boot.wim to BSOD. It does work when integrating C/L/M, but that's without the USB folder in C. With the USB folder, SB9xx will cause a BSOD and it will boot fine when its removed.

USBFilter must be conflicting with some USB 3.0 driver.

So, in summary, if you wish to integrate the current version of x86 C/L/M drivers into Windows 8 boot.wim, you'll have to remove Win7/USB/Via/2 and Win7/C/AMD/1/SB9xx.

I didn't integrate the same two problematic drivers (Win7/C/AMD/1/SB9xx and Win7/USB/Via2) but I also had to delete Win7/C/USB/FTDI. These would not even integrate using DISM, threw an error.

All is well. No BSODs while booting Windows 8 Setup.

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Re: Blue Screen with Chipset Driver

New Update: I've tried integrating the pack (with those problematic drivers removed) into the folder Windows\inf\amd64 and it seems that when using those drivers (x86 packs) windows 8 BSOD after the initial setup right before OOBE.

Seems like these packs are not fully compatible with Windows 8 (even though I've read on the forum they are...)

Are there beta driver packs out there that are fully compatible with Windows 8? If not, what's the ETA on Win8 compatibility?

FYI It was an HP G62 that gave the BSOD after deployment.

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There are only x64 beta packs out for win8.

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bigfoot wrote:

There are only x64 beta packs out for win8.

I was going to ask where... guess I skimmed too quickly. Each forum has a BETA post. Awesome thanks!