Topic: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 install

OK be gentle with me as I'm a bit of a noob! I have a 64bit  system (recent build) that is currently running XP Home 32 (OS from old PC). So the plan is to install Windows 7 Ultimate 64 on a separate partition and create a dual boot system.

Hats off to you for the software for doing the slipstream of XP disks as this finally allowed me after some tweaking to do a repair install to activate AHCI. :-D

But my question is how on earth do I do the same trick for the Windows 7 Ultimate 64 install? Create a slipstreamed disk? Unpack the drivers to a USB stick? Create an SAD on the USB stiick? Please help as no clear answers so far as would like to use chipset and MSD packs....

Thanks in advance

Re: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 install

Go here: and check out the WinToolkit - will do what you want.