Topic: [Bug?] ACPI\PNP0C31 - TPM - potential data loss danger

Noting that ACPI\PNP0C31 is potentially a PNPid that could cause data-loss if wrong driver installed.

ATMELTPM.INF is the one most likely to be installed by default (with DP_Chipset_wnt5-x86_1301 or newer - still potential with older packs & OS's) as it is newest & WHQL'ed.
  This could conflict with Winbond, STMicro, intel or infineon TPM's.  Complicating things somewhat is the fact that Winbond acquired National Semiconductor's TPM line quite a while ago.  It may share in this potential conundrum and confluence of intellectual properties.
  Atmel may have acquired some IP there as i see that all ID's are shared with intel's TPM driver.
Of course, that is as of yet unconfirmed too.

Note that i'm unable to confirm any of this as of yet.  Please reply if you have a TPM with that PNPid.

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