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Just got a new Lenovo T530 laptop after the holidays... sadly, my last build of UBCD4Win v3.60 won't cope with the newer hardware (had a T420 before this upgrade). I'm doing a build now with the latest driver packs for my source CD (XP), and I'll see what happens; but the prospect of failure had me wondering:

Since the thing that would drive me towards once bootable CD solution over another is a toss-up of either the availability of desired apps AND hardware support - and I still expect most of UBCD4Win based "apps" to work under an XP based boot CD on a Win7 host PC...

...what are folks who used to participate HERE in the BartPE / UBCD4Win area using nowadays considering that the UBCD4Win project folded some time ago, and we're well into an era of both newer hardware and host PC OS. I'd been watching several other projects for a bit of time back when I was hoping to trim down the size and boot time req'd by my UBCD4Win builds... but never really kept up with any of the other similar solutions out there. I'll cruise around some of those sites to see how people are getting on - but curious what the ~driver people are using in place of the 'ol UBCD4Win...?

Re: Replacement for UBCD4Win...?

For Vista/Win7/Win8 your best bet would be DaRT (part of the MDOP). … /dart.aspx
I use different DaRT versions for each OS.  6.5 for Vista, 7 for Win7, 8 for Win8.
As cool as DaRT is, it doesn't have the flexibility as UBCD4win.

But for XP, UBCD4win is still the best in my opinion.

I'm curious to hear what others are using too.

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Re: Replacement for UBCD4Win...?

Well, from a WinXPsp2 source, clean UBCD4win v3.60, and updates to:

Mass Storage: 12.09
LAN: 12.05
WLAN: 12.02

...the T530 booted fine :-). Quite happy, but mindful of the future - so thanks! I'll have to see just how inflexible DaRT is. But for now, as long as XP recognizes the hardware, a good old copy of ghost still does the trick.

Re: Replacement for UBCD4Win...?

Please consider testing with the current MassStorage release candidate v1301.  hmm
   ignore what it says about DP_Chipset, though; if applicable

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