Topic: Lan drivers in windows 7 image?


I am currently installing windows onto computers using a sysprepped machine and creating the images with acronis which is working fine - I have all my images stored on a server which I restore using acronis boot disk.

I have all the driver packs also stored on the server with a tool to install them but after a clean image the lan driver rarely is included meaning I cant connect to the server - My question is how can I add all the lan drivers to the master image so that when the image is restored it will install the lan driver? (I know there may still be the odd machine which wont hav the lan driver in the pack but the majority of machines will which I can put up with)

The way im doing it at the moment is using a samdrivers disk after the image is complete


Re: Lan drivers in windows 7 image?

Use dism to integrate the pack into your Win 7 install disk.