Topic: DriverPack Lan for Win2k8?

Oooh...first post! wink

Hope that doesn't mean this forum's dead, becuase I really, really, REALLY need it to get my box up and running...

So, are there any driverpacks for Lan that works with win2k8? Is it possible to install it after installing the OS, or do I need to reinstall?

Re: DriverPack Lan for Win2k8?

Welcome to DriverPacks.
To answer your questions:
Not unless you want to.

DriverPacks downloads are here: 32-bit and 64-bit
To install the drivers AFTER Win2k8 (r2?) is installed, you use SAD2.

Re: DriverPack Lan for Win2k8?

Thanks! If this work, I'll donate the money I'd otherwise had to spend on a usb network adapter smile