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not sure, where to ask this.

I want to make a wim image file to deploy windows xp in my AD domain via WDS with preinstalled software.
My actions:
1. I've patched vanila win xp sp3 image with DriverPacks BASE (with KTD on)
2. Installed this in vm. Drivers seems to be in %WINDWS%\DriverPacks folder.
3. created sysprep.inf with setupmgr, pointed that drivers cache in %windows%\driverspacks, etc.
4. ran sysprep -bmsd
5. captured image with WDS.

Looks good - I mean, when I try to deploy this on my vm - all great. But, when I try to deploy it on any physical pc - it fails. Even in safe mode Windows is unable to boot.

So if anyone can point where to dig (not to bury myself, though) - I'll appreciate.

Re: integrate drivers to deploy Win XP via WDS

...moved from "Software" to "Universal Imaging"...

Have you changed the HAL?  I'm not sure DriverPacks is breaking your install. 
Hopefully one of our users more versed in WDS will chime in here.

Re: integrate drivers to deploy Win XP via WDS

"Have you changed the HAL?"
yep, with MySysprep. Without it Win XP image is not even visible in WDS deploy list.

I don't think that DP prevents XP from booting, either. I think that, maybe, I made some mistake integrating it in XP image.

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Re: integrate drivers to deploy Win XP via WDS

It sounds like a mass storage controller issue. Sysprep -bmsd only grabs drivers built into windows. Any storage controllers  that are in driverpacks need to be referenced manually in you sysprep.inf. An example below:
PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_3A22&CC_0106="C:\D\M\I9\iaAHCI.inf" ; hdc - Intel(R) ICH10R SATA AHCI Controller

Keep in mind that you have limited memory for loading storage controllers so you can't load all of the storage controllers that are in the mass storage driver packs. Also not all of the drivers are sysprep compatible.

My xp sysprep pack with populated sysprep is located here:

Hope this helps.