Topic: How to add driver usb 3.0 mini xp

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I want to add usb 3.0 driver xp mini, how?
Intel and amd.

I added mini sata drivers into xp by editing file txtsetup.sif success. But with the usb 3.0 is not done.

sorry I do not know English.


Re: How to add driver usb 3.0 mini xp

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You could try integrating the USB 3.0 files from here, using DP_BASE from a clean XP source.
Use this for a Fresco Logic or a VIAlabs USB 3.0 Host Controller Hub.

Do this before making the "MiniXP" disc with nLite.

Note that it is not possible (as far as i know) for an intel USB 3.0 Host Controller/Hub.

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Re: How to add driver usb 3.0 mini xp

I use GImageX to discharge compression XP.WIM (Hiren's Boot CD).
and I want to add the driver by driver edit txtsetup.sif and copy the file to the I386 \ System32 \ drivers.
I do not know the id of the driver 3.0 and the file name (*. sys) to copy the driver folder
anyone can point me? thank

Re: How to add driver usb 3.0 mini xp

Use the HWID's tool under Techdud's post above and post the log it creates, so we can identify exactly what USB 3 hardware you have.