Topic: Windows 8 DriverPack Compatibility.

Hello everyone.

I was wondering if the current Driverpacks would be compatible with Windows 8? and the newer notebooks that are being shipped with Windows 8 installed.

When the transistion from Vista to 7 was happening a lot of the drivers from Vista worked fine with Windows 7.  I am wondering if this will be the same with Windows 8.

Thank you for your help and a great resource.

Re: Windows 8 DriverPack Compatibility.

Some will work while others won't.  Windows 8 uses a new Windows Display Driver Model (WDDM) 1.2 which is incompatible with some older drivers.

And yes, DriverPacks will support all OS as best we can.

Re: Windows 8 DriverPack Compatibility.

thanks for the reply, so if one was to try installing Windows 8 on a fairly modern laptop the Driverpacks should be able to sort the drivers out?


Re: Windows 8 DriverPack Compatibility.

When using SAD2 to install the DriverPacks...yes.
Provided we have the current drivers needed by that system in our DriverPacks. 
Some of our packs haven't been updated in a while.