Topic: Get Shared Folder Icons back in Vista/7/2008/2008 R2

So as you know Windows Vista & 7, Server 2008 & 2008 R2 doesn't display a different shared folder icon like previous versions. It's a nice visual cue and some users miss it (I do!). I know there's other ways of finding this information out but who wants to do that! smile

Below is a quick and dirty script I put together. Of course, no guarantee this won't screw up your OS, but it shouldn't (just creating a Desktop.ini). It will ONLY change the icon for user shared folders NOT Admin Shares, etc ( … 85%29.aspx). … 872008-r2/

USAGE (use parameters for extra options):

SharedFolderIcon.exe --> Will change all user created shares to the same icon as the script exe (useful if you're the only one using it), uses script exe for icon path
SharedFolderIcon.exe 1 --> Will extract the Icon file that was used to SFI.ico in the same directory as the script (so you can put it somewhere else you want to on multiple servers and call it with the defined parameters)
SharedFolderIcon.exe "C:\Path\to\Icon.dll" --> Will use a defined icon. No index is supplied so a defaul index of 0 is used. Icon can be almost anything exe,dll,sys,ico.
SharedFolderIcon.exe "%SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll,9" --> Will use a defined icon with an index of 9, use a comma to signify. The icon path utilizes a system variable.

The thread in at the forums has the full code. Works with 64b. But if you want the program already compiled here a Dropbox link.

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