Topic: Server 2012 goes RTM!

According to reports all over the web, Server2012 has gone final-code and in manufacturing.
Several sources report a leaked version is available (posting links is against forum rules).

Is anyone going to buy this for a Home Server replacement?  At ~$450 per license, it's an expensive home purchase.
I'm hoping that Server 2012 "Foundation" will be the eventual cost-effective version to replace Home Server 2011.


Re: Server 2012 goes RTM!

just some 'satellite debris', i picked up on.....

... concerning the Systems Center 2012 beta release … _beta_sp1/

... & the upcoming Windows To Go devices.

The Register wrote:

"Microsoft preparing for diskless Windows 8 PCs
But Windows RT can't be installed wirelessly

By Simon Sharwood … l_options/ … usb-drive/ … -USB-Drive
Edit:  Note that MS apparently started driving the new standard due to thermal issues with standard thumbdrives!

... I note that embedded drivers were available for Win XP for similar support, of a kind.  hmm

... Raspberry Pi support not included (excepting RT?). … rcomputer/  yikes

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