Topic: [req] lan driver for dell vostro 1540

Hello there

After installing successfully all the drivers from i have a problem with the lan driver. It works fine for transferring files from domain powered network. The problem comes when i try to access http://. It does not work.
I tried internet explorer , firefox, disable firewall, etc. There is no antivirus , firewall or anything to block access to http.

The driver that comes with the laptop dvd is called RTL8111E-VB (w 7 only).
I could not find something to work , Ive tried different realtek drives (that seemed compatible), with the same result.

I have 4 of the same laptops at my work place. They all behave the same, so it's not a hardware issues ( i was thinking that at first).

I really need windows xp on these machines due to ERP software that runs only on XP.

Thank you for reading my request and i really appreciate any input on the matter.

Thank you again

Re: [req] lan driver for dell vostro 1540

Welcome to DriverPacks.
Why not run Win7 normally and have XP in Microsoft VirtualPC or VirtualBox (both are free)?

We can't help you if you don't post your log files.
DPs_BASE.log and HWID list would be a good start.