Topic: Dipstick's instructions for integrating DriverPacks into OPK WinPE

I had an interesting PM discussion with Dipstick regarding the method he used to integrate the Driverpacks into a true Microsoft OPK WinPE.  He lost his source and executable, so this is the only information on how to do this.  Dipstick is very friendly, and I don't think he'll mind if I share his advice with the forum.  Here's a transcript of our email conversation:

Message from Grnxnm to Dipstick:


I was just reading this page and I noticed that you had figured out a way to integrate Bashrat's cool DriverPacks into WinPE. How do you do it? If you have scripts, etc, I'd like to see them. Thanks!


Response from Dipstick to Grnxnm:

What i did was, after i've created the configset, was create a temporary folder and copy the folder $OEM$ from \OPKTools\configsets\YourConfigSet\ and the I386 folder from \OPKTools\Lang\Dut\SKU\per.sp2\x86 to this temp folder.

I let the scripts from bashrat perform their actions on this temp folder, then recopied these modified folders to their respective destinations within the configsets and let all files get overwritten.

after that, I manually extracted all the MassStorageDrivers and LAN drivers to another temporary folder, placed/copied every file where they belong to the WinPE BootCD according to some article of microsoft of which i cannot remember the KB number right now, but is had information about where to put the files.

.sys goes into the \I386\SYSTEM32\DRIVERS folder
.dll, .exe, .din into the \I386\SYSTEM32\ folder
.inf into the \I386\INF folder

and stuff like that.

after having done that, i opened the file TXTSETUP.SIF from \OPKTools\LANG\Dut\SKU\per.sp2\x86\I386 folder and copied every line that the scripts from bashrat had added about the MassStorage drivers, under the sections
[SourceDisksFiles], [SCSI], [SCSI.Load] and [HardwareIdDatabase] and copied these lines into the TXTSETUP.SIF of my WinPE bootCD.

Thats about it. I had created a GUI tool to simplify this, but had a harddisk crash recently and hadn't made a recent backup :S so that's all gone now, and didn't feel like rewriting the whole **** thing over again tongue.gif

MayB i'll get to it some time. If so, you're on my list of people who are interested tongue.gif

Response from Grnxnm to Dipstick:

Thanks for the information! I'll try this out myself. Did you happen to send your tool to anyone? Maybe I can ask them for a copy.

When you update the TXTSETUP.SIF file with values from bashrat's scripts, where are these values coming from? Does bashrat's stuff also generate a TXTSETUP.SIF, and you copy lines from it into the OPK TXTSETUP.TXT file?

Also, when copying bashrat's lines into TXTSETUP.SIF, is it necessary to first ensure that equivalent lines aren't already in this file (from Microsoft's WinPE builder itself) to avoid duplication?

Thanks again! I'm no install expert so it really helps to get advice on this stuff.

Best Regards,


Response from Dipstick to Grnxnm:

No, I didn't send it to anyone yet, cause it wasn't quite finished yet with all desired features I had in mind, and I do not like to give out stuff that might cause problems newwink.gif So it's just my bad I didn't make any backups tongue.gif

Bashrats scripts automaticly add new lines to the existing TXTSETUP.SIF in the
\TempFolder\I386\ (if you let the scripts run on \TempFolder that is)

When these scripts were done, i'd open \TempFolder\I386\TXTSETUP.SIF and copy the added lines located in the sections [SourceDisksFiles], [SCSI], [SCSI.Load] and [HardwareIdsDatabase].

So it might be a good idea to have a file comparisment tool (like an option in Total Commander) to have a looksee what was added to TXTSETUP.SIF, and copy these lines under those 4 sections into the TXTSETUP.SIF of the OPK BootCD.

It isn't really a problem if there are duplicate lines in the TXTSETUP.SIF, they only use a little more memory and the bootprocess takes a bit longer. The files used by these possible equivalent lines then just probably got overwritten by newer files, and should not create any conflicts between the double lines.

To be sure, you could always check, but i haven't encountered any problems with this subject (yet) tongue.gif

That about wraps up your questions this time. Might anything arise, drop it at my PM and i'll have a looksee if I can be of assistance. I'm not a regular visitor of MSFN, so don't worry or get annoyed if my reply stays out for some days or so....

(also gonna undergo surgery on monday, so don't know how fast i can reply then tongue.gif )

Additional Response from Dipstick to Grnxnm:

What I also forgot to tell you is something I jusr realised.

Bashrats scripts also modify the WINNT.SIF file located in \TempFolder\I386

These lines need to be in the unattended.txt file within your configset, found in

and WINNT.SIF needs to be restored to its natural contents tongue.gif

Sorry I forgot to mention this, slipped my mind, but will most likely now save you a lot of agony tongue.gif

Re: Dipstick's instructions for integrating DriverPacks into OPK WinPE

I hope this helps me when I get to working on these MSDN sources...
I happen to have OPK CDroms, and a couple days ago I saw a link in these forums pointing to downloadable OPK tool @ microsoft.

never too old to learn.

The answer was 42?
Kind regards, Jaak.