Topic: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

These drivers are xp compatible.  If i remember correctly, this includes the Nintendo Wireless Dongle.
Download page:
Edit:all links broken

Ralink has been acquired by MediaTek within the last month (who knows how long these drivers will be available) … -mediatek/

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

The Ralink drivers are an absolute pain in the A$$ to disassemble.  I usually leave those until the last possible moment because of that.
The only reliable way I've found to extract the drivers is to install them in VM ON THE TARGET OS.  Meaning you want XP drivers, install them in XP.  Same package contains Vista & Win7 specific drivers, but you have to install that package in both Vista AND Win7 just to get at them.
They're hidden in the system32\driverstore folders.

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

May i give it a shot?
I have a RT2870 package ready. (12/27/2010,  That was, until i discovered a little bug in v4.00 of WinRAR!  Such a surprise to see extra binary characters included at the beginning of the inf file!  SacreBleu!  Pardon my french.:rolleyes: A little bird has told me this is due to a little-endian UTF-16 problem affecting only the file viewer.

I think i'll be using MD5 signatures for now, until winrar4 is more mature, just to be certain.  Maybe it's time for me to switch to 7zip (i've been waiting for 7z to emerge from beta, though.  Ahh, v9.20 IS out of beta!:cool:).

Hmm, there is no HWid in the RT2500USB file for the Wintendo NiFi Dongle.  (%Ralink.DeviceDesc%=RALINK.ndi,USB\VID_0411&PID_008B) … oadUSB.jsp

Would i be correct in assuming that none of this hardware requires cisco's LEAP, PEAP, CR-EAP to function?  My original intention (just to include ralink drivers for xp) with the Nintedo WiFi was to simply use it as an ordinary WiFi adapter.

OK, this would be the same as Bufallo's WLI-U2-KG54-AI  (driver from 2004?)
as referenced from & … _Connector

Does windoes 7 support Software AP modes?  Can it 'walk & chew bubble-gum @ the same time' with ICS?  Does any of this really matter with this updated driver & newer (or hacked) Wii firmware? hmm  Funny thing, since i have an atheros WiFi card installed in my notebook, v9.2.0.104 driver come with WS, a WirlessIntermediateDriver v1.0.0.92.  It installed on the Nintendo WiFi USB, too.  Does this translate to better support for ICS?

These drivers have NOT been confirmed to work.  Can anyone confirm the WHQL status of any of these packs (or the lack) for xp?
RT2460 … .1.0.4.rar
          - unsigned 'beta' driver (2 years + in beta, now THAT's intensive testing)
RT2500 …
RT2500USB   refer to … 639#p43639
          - driver signing for RT2500 series is probably broken - should the driver use ZeroConfig instead of Raconfig?
RT2860 & RT2870        refer to … 830#p43830
RT6x             refer to … 633#p43633
RT7x             refer to … 834#p43834 big_smile

These drivers has been confirmed (by me only - 3 separate machines) to work with XP, yet is still untested with the Wii/DS
  (Nice - 13.88Mbps down, 0.47Mbps up, 10ms ping - - only 0.8Mbps slower than my Atheros WiFi with v9.2.0.104) cool
  (0% packet loss, 22ms ping, 8ms jitter - rated A )
NiWiFiUSB … WiFiUSB.7z
           - not signed, modified .inf, after installation on notebook, i changed prop's in the advanced tab, 'CAM when on AC' - enabled, 'Power Save' - Fast_PSP, yet i've since reverted, due to startup issues (conflict?) with Realtek AC97 sound.

If you like these, would you like me to do the same for any (if at all) missing drivers for Vista-7.x86 & x64? hmm

Here's a sample RT2500USB driver (modified inf) for Win7.x86 & x64 for Win7:   link removed ... updated below  big_smile
Tested with Nintendo WiFi USB adapter on Windows 7 x86 & x64 (works for me, hopefully you too!).  It should work with any RT2500USB device.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Here's newer drivers for the RT2860 series v3.1.16 - Win(all):

Uncorked here:   link removed - see … 830#p43830 big_smile

Ralink website is down, possibly permanently (acquired by MediaTek).  <--False Alarm hmm

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT61 driver v3.0.9.1 is available for win7, is available from Windows Update Catalog. … x?q=ralink  cool

Here's the uncorked drivers for RT6x series devices(win-all) including the utility installer (you might remove this for DP): … inksys.rar  big_smile
This is as of yet, untested.  Also note that the Ovislink & Linksys drivers need to be manually updated from either of the two files listed as follows.

I have added two info files in the W7 folder (netr6x.inf & netr6x64.inf) to address missing HWID's & problems listed below.  I have not touched the original .inf's to preserve WHQL sig's for unaffected HW.  Unlike the vista driver, the windows 7 driver has support for Virtual WiFi.  cool

The [OS61_RTWLAN_C4.ndi.NT.Services], & [OS61_Linksys.ndi.NT.Services] sections have glaring errors.  They have substituted "Needs=VWiFiBus.Services" with "Needs=VWiFiBus.PnPFilterRegistration".  I tried sending MS an email, yet my email client wouldn't allow it.  hmm

These errors affect:   Ovislink_2561.DeviceDesc    = "Airlive WT-2000PCI" & Linksys_0301_0055.DeviceDesc= "Linksys Wireless-G PCI Adapter"

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

NICE!  I hate those Ralink installers!

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

mr_smartepants wrote:

NICE!  I hate those Ralink installers!

Yes, indeed, i concur.  Try a trial of installshield (from macrovision - the guys that brought you DVD player copy-protection, that wouldn't play on projection TVs, or through a VCR, nor play a retail VHS tape on a PC mad)?
Line up your 'ducks' all in a row (so to speak), then knock 'em all down (win a prize). big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Newer drivers (v3.1.3) are available for the RT2500USB series on Vista-7 (x86 & x64) from Windows Update Catalog. … x?q=rt2500  cool

Once again, these drivers (except for the xp driver) remain untested.  For vista-7 you would likely need to completely remove any old drivers (including files) because the advanced tab options are different. … WiFiUSB.7z  big_smile
I have included the info files "rtNWusb.inf", "netr70NW.inf" & "netrNW64.inf" to extend support to the "Nintendo WiFi USB Adaptor".  All other info files remain untouched to retain WHQL status.  Unlike the vista driver, the windows 7 driver has support for Virtual WiFi.  The Ralink utility is included, you might remove all but the basics for DP (if acceptable).

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Newer drivers available (v3.2.1.0) for:
RT2860 here --> Edit:link broken
   uncorked here - utility included:  Edit:*** updated below ***
RT2870 here --> Edit:link broken  cool
   uncorked here - utility included:  Edit:*** updated below ***  big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Newer drivers (for vista-7) are available for the RT7x series from Windows Update Catalog. … spx?q=rt73 big_smile
I've uncorked 'em 'ere & included the utility --> … .  cool  Edit: updated March 9, 2012 big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

I've added further HWID support for the RT2500 (PCI) & RT2500 USB chipset families.  This includes ALLWIN, Belkin, Linksys, Hercules, Nintendo-Buffalo, etc.  The original files are all intact; i've simply added .Inf files for missing HWID's to preserve WHQL status for the majority.  Asperusual, the ute is included forwtf.
RT2500 here --> …  big_smile
RT2500 USB here --> … WiFiUSB.7z  big_smile

This guy's more talented than me, though.  Somehow LinkSys certificates are included to override WHQL!  Could this drive sysadmins to substance abuse, should anybody be able to issue one (or even generic items - localhost, mailto...EEK)? … r/download
any feedback appreciated.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Updated Ralink RT2860 & Ralink RT2870 from your links for v11.08r1

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

newer RT2870 drivers (v3.2.3.0 Win-All) available from RaLink here --> Edit:link broken

PS:  have you updated any drivers for the older hardware (such as RT2400, RT2500 - USB or notUSB) from this topic, mr_smartepants?

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Got it, thanks.

TechDud wrote:

PS:  have you updated any drivers for the older hardware (such as RT2400, RT2500 - USB or notUSB) from this topic, mr_smartepants?

No need.  They were already included.

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers v3.2.2.0 available here (win-all, WHQL) --> … ob-97747-1

HP wrote:

Fix/Enhancement:        - Fixes an issue where the Windows wireless LAN icon does not function properly after starting the system.

uncorked here (win-all, WHQL, no utility - see above)-->   Edit:*** updated below *** big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Implemented in DriverPack WLAN 11.09

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2870 drivers v3.2.4.0 available here (win-all, WHQL) --> Edit:link broken cool
     unobfuscated here (includes utility):    Edit:*** updated below *** big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers updated to v3.2.3.0 WHQL here (use v3.2.1.0 package 1st for utility): cool
    depressurized here --> edit:  link removed ... updated below big_smile

ENHANCEMENTS:    - Provides support for additional notebook models.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers have been updated to v3.2.7.0 WHQL (DriverVer=11/17/2011,; incl. utility) {added HWIDs}
    here --> big_smile Doh, no direct linking there anymore.
   rather here --> … php?sn=500
  unbjorked here -->  Edit:*** updated below ***

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Implemented in \R & \R6 for DriverPack WLAN 12.02 (in testing)

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers are updated to v3.2.12.0 WHQL {DriverVer=03/07/2012,}
from RaLink here --> … php?sn=500 *
from HP       here --> **
declassified here --> …  Edit:*** updated *** big_smile

RT2870 drivers are updated to v3.2.9.0 WHQL {DriverVer=04/17/2012,} from RaLink (MediaTek) above.
devolved here --> … big_smile ***

*  Note that both drivers have recycled previous driver package names, yet they do indeed have updated drivers.
**  Drivers are bit-identical, yet this package has an updated utility, restricting HW with HWid.ini
***  Most up-to-date utility of all packages.

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