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I recently stumbled on driverpacks thanks to a wonderful post on the FOG project forum. [ … #post-1639 ]

I am imaging Windows 7 and the whole process is fairly well automated thanks to the driverpack. I have tried deployment on a number of HP laptops and it all works well. I have once very small gripe. I thought the cleanup process would strip away any drivers not being used. The drivers folder that remains contains 3Gb of drivers. Now I must confess that I may have broken something as I decided I wanted to use c:\drivers instead of c:\d as the drivers folder. I simpy did a search and replace on c:\d and replaced with c:\drivers in the file DP_Install_Tool.cmd. This may broken the cleanup and I can't see how.

Any suggestions? I fig that the drivers folder should be only 100mb or so not 3gb :-)

c:\drivers is left with 6 folders - 3 [3.41Gb] ,all [1.23Gb],c [76.3Kb],l 41.1Mb] ,s [738Mb],win7 [580Mb]

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Re: The cleanup

Ok Ignore me. I assumed that the clean up process would leave the installed drivers in the folder c:\d when in fact the clean up actually wipes drivers that don't match ie. it deletes 64bit and server drivers if you are running a workstation that is 32 bit. It is a shame that it doesn't track what it is installing and just keep the installed drivers. I guess there is no point when they are being installed into windows anyway.

I am going to set the KTD option to "No" and wipe the drivers after installation.

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