Topic: [SLVD] Chipset 12.03 torrent

Is there a problem with the chipset 12.03 torrent?  I downloaded the torrents for chipset 12.03 and massstorage 12.03 last night.  MassStorage completed in a couple of minutes but chipset is still sitting at 0% after 10 hours.

Name    Status    Update In    Seeds    Peers    Downloaded    Failure: Requested download is not authorized for use with this tracker.    8m 41s    0    0    0

Re: [SLVD] Chipset 12.03 torrent

Yes, that's very odd.
I'm seeding now if that's any consolation. wink

uTorrent is showing that file has 11 seeds and 37 peers.

We had permissions problems getting that file seeded to begin with.  It's possible it's still stuck in the seed server.
I'll seed it for the next 12 hours or so to allow it to propagate to others.

Re: [SLVD] Chipset 12.03 torrent


Due to the permissions problem (that has been solved immediately, an incorrect torrent hash was generated for it. Consequently, this incorrect torrent hash ended up in the torrent tracker's whitelist file (which allows us to prevent malevolent people to use our tracker for illegal downloads). Hence, the file was being refused by the torrent tracker.

This has now been fixed! smile

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