Topic: Need advice how to handle sysprep/driverpack with Laptop drivers

Background: I have a ghost image with winxp/sp3 that already have customized app installed and hardware drivers for HP PC.
I have to create another ghost image based on the source image but with Lenovo/IBM Laptop drivers and we have different models (SL400, z60t, T400, T410)

My understanding:
1. Image one laptop with the source image and remove non-related laptop drivers and change IDE to standard controller...etc
This is from the post "DriverPacks with Sysprep HOWTO"
2. Run DPBase. Choose 'Standalone Drivers' as platform, next check only the CPU driver pack and choose 'Method 1' and finally click 'Slipstream'
3. Move the contents of thus created folder '' to the root of disc C: Then unpack all remaining driver packs to the root of disc C:

Question, what should I do for all the laptop drivers?
Create my own 3rd party driver pack?

4. Extract DevPath.exe from DPBase\bin\wnt5_x86-32\M2.7z and run DevPath.exe C:\D
5. Edit dp_Inst_tool.cmd and REMove the line 'Echo DPsRootDel  = "false"            >> %DPFL%'
6. Delete DPBase,, DevPath.exe and compressed driver packs
==The Sysprep part==
6. Place sysprep files to C:\sysprep
7. Create sysprep.inf with setupmgr.exe and open it in an editor. To the [Unattended] section add the two lines: UpdateInstalledDrivers=Yes and DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore
8. Add a new section [GuiRunOnce] to sysprep.inf, under which add a line Command0=C:\DP_Install_Tool.cmd
9. Add a new section [SysprepMassStorage] to sysprep.inf, save the file, then execute sysprep.exe -bmsd
10. Finally, launch sysprep.exe, check 'Use Mini-Setup' and 'Detect non-plug and play hardware' and hit 'Reseal'.

Thank you for your help.

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