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ThinkPad wireless drivers are slightly modified so that the Fn+F5 hotkey with allow you to turn on/off wireless radios. Is it possible to have the modified drivers in the driver packs or will they conflict with the stock Intel ones ?

http://support.lenovo.com/en_US/downloa … D=DS015011

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DriverPack WLAN 12.02 was just released.  I'll take a look.
There's zero difference between what you linked and the drivers in DriverPack WLAN 12.02 d\w\i2\


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Fn+F5 Hotkey (Hotkey Features is the driver / software that enables this and on screen display etc) does not work with the stock Intel Wireless drivers but does with the ThinKPad version so they must be different in some way but no big deal it just would have made life a little easier but I can live with installing the driver manually each time

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Well, I don't know what to tell you.  I compared the files MD5 hashes and they're identical.  Maybe there's a keyboard hotkey utility installed elsewhere that enables that function.

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The download page references "Hotkey Features Integration", two ATK Hotkey-related drivers, in addition to a "ThinkPad Power Management Driver", "ThinkVantage Access Connections"  & .NET3.0 as prerequisites.  Also,

"AMT 4.2 or later must be used for Wireless Intel AMT capabilities."

Perhaps the answer to your WiFi 'control' issue is contained within one of those packages.

That's got to be fun to enable the same functionality within linux. hmm

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