Topic: XP nonresponsive after recent Update - Solution

If XP is nonresponsive after a recent Windows Update, a solution as posted to the Whirlpool forums, follows.  One user reported that this affected 13 out of 140 XP machines.

Steve the (original) name pirate wrote:

"A quick update on this that may help people, I have also seen this issue, but you don't need a copy from a seperate computer, the file iertutil.dll is still in the dllcache folder of the affected computer. You can boot the computer until you get the error, then hit ctrl/alt/del which will bring you to the desktop with taskmanager running. Click file/new task/cmd you will get the command window, then enter the following. (just click ok to each error message that pops up as you do this)

copy c:\windows\system32\dllcache\iertutil.dll c:\windows\system32

This will copy the iertutil.dll file to where it should be and windows will start fine. After starting a IE8 install box will appear, cancel that using taskmanager, the error is caused by an incorrect file deletion during the install of IE8, MS should be ashamed of themselves doing so little testing before releasing this update, I bet they didn't even bother testing on an XP machine.

One other possibility is to start the machine using a Linux Live disc, and then copy the missing file. big_smile
Sources: … #r32869691 … ssing_dll/

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