Topic: DriverPacks BASE 6.09

Check the changelogs of all 6.09 beta and rc versions for details. Major highlights:
-DriverPacks Finisher has been much improved (the speed of KTD has been significantly increased)
-the corruption of SVCPACK.inf in certain cases is now fixed
-you can now disable the DriverPacks Finisher splash screen
-proxy support for the UpdateChecker
-new translations: Danish and Serbian

- 0000261: [DriverPacks Finisher] Two typo's in the DPsFnshr.ini file (BashratTheSneaky)

Known issues
- [driver issue] installing onto an nForce 3/4/5 mass storage controller results in a BSOD
- [driver issue] installing onto a Sillicon Image SiI3112 SATALink/SATARAID results in a BSOD

- none

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