Topic: BSOD 0x000007B, but I have the disk......


After BSOD 0x000007B I took the disk and connected it to another pc as addon.
And it works ok, I can acess all files on that disk.
Is there any information on that disk that I can pull out an give to Bâshrat the Sneaky?

It's regarding the SiI 3112 problem.....

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Re: BSOD 0x000007B, but I have the disk......

Nope. It's a known problem, as I've mentioned in your other topic. Please don't start cross posting, that just creates more work for me.

If you want to get it up and running quickly: replace the si3112r.sy_ in your I386 directory by the one that's on the drivers cd that came with your motherboard. You don't have to compress it, just copy the .sys file and delete the .sy_ file created by the DriverPack Sound B and you should be settled.

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Re: BSOD 0x000007B, but I have the disk......

Please don't start cross posting

Sorry did not think of was moving the disk part,that made me make a new topic.

Anyway, your solution did not work. But the DVD still instals on my LANPARTY UT SLi-D with the nF4 chipset ...:!