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newbie here.
I have been using nlite to make my custom installs  for a couple of years now, and have been makeing separate xp cds for manufactuer MOB with the drivers for each one eg Gigabyte, Acer msi (not used your drv pback before).
What i would like to know is, can i slipsteam every one of the driver packs (XP only) eg graphics A B C, Audio A B, chipsets, mass storage, lan etc, to make one cd/dvd for all installations so that i just have the one xp install  cd/dvd
Many thanks

Re: All in one

Yes, all DriverPacks can be used together.
However, take note that you may want to leave out the 3rd Party Packs and rather supply those via SAD2 to avoid problems by having integrated just too many drivers (Windows install can get picky...).
Also, when using all official packs, use M2 rather than M1 for the same reason (driver count, path lenght).

Oh, and DO NOT use nLite for slipstreaming drivers but our own tool, BASE.
In fact, disable the driver integration step in nLite altogether!