Topic: Thanks Developers of DP. Love you.

As part of my job it's important to do reinstalls and build pc's and servers.

Sometimes we have to install windows os on motherboards that don't bring with them all the drivers for a certain os.

I downloaded and used a DP and BAM it worked in seconds. If only I knew of it sooner, I would not have wasted almost 2 hours looking for the correct driver.

Now I use it for all my installs. Thank you guys. I'll try and donate when I can. Your work is invaluable to many of us. I'll definitely help with

torrent sharing.

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Re: Thanks Developers of DP. Love you.

Splitlenz, welcome to driverpacks. Keep participating in forum especially if you encounter any problem. seems to be the only way when the manufactures of the hardware are lazy enough not put the drivers which I have noted in Windows XP as well on server platforms while driver packs solution does work.

I am glad to hear your contribution to torrent sharing.

Re: Thanks Developers of DP. Love you.

Sometimes licensing issues preclude a 'manufacturer' from releasing updated drivers, or for OS's not originally supported.  Mostly it's money; someone has to pay for WHQL certification, for instance.  If you were an OEM, would you want to continually send money down a seemingly bottomless pit with little chance of recovering your costs?

  I believe there should be an officially-sanctioned central repository for windows drivers; that would seem to be in MS's best interest, going forward into Win8.

  In the mean time, the door is wide-open for 3rd-party support.