Topic: How can I update the DriverPacks?

I have an unattended Win XP USB stick.

I contains XP SP3 and some driverpacks that I installed some time ago.

I now want to update the Mass Storage driverpack.

I have downloaded the latest DP Base 10.06. 

Should I just be able to run DP Base and choose the relevant driverpack (by popping it into the DriverPacks folder) and they will update?

I am asking as it doesnt seem to be working.

Many thanks


Re: How can I update the DriverPacks?

Copy your source files from the USB stick to the hard drive (ie. C:\XP\USB\...) and then run DriverPacks BASE and point it to the hard drive source. 
It will happily update your source files provided you did not delete any of the backed-up source files.  If you deleted any of the original files, or modified the source in any way after DriverPacks were integrated, then the DriverPacks BASE update will fail.