Topic: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2500 driver for the Linksys WMP54Gv4 (Vista-7_x86_x64, nonWHQL) from … 398#p45398
*** known issues of all Vista-7 RT2500 drivers:  NDIS5 only, No support in the inf for Virtual WiFi, Ralink Certificate may be missing - extract from RT2500USB\w7\netr7064.sys & export, then install

* the following were moved from … 835#p43835

updated RaLink drivers available for RT2500USB v3.1.3 (Vista-7 x86 & x64) incl. utility here … 639#p43639 big_smile
RT6x series Vista(x86 & x64) v2.1.6.0 Win7(x86 & x64) v3.0.9.1 incl. utility here … 633#p43633 cool
RT7x series Vista(x86 & x64) v3.1.8.0 Win7-8(x86 & x64) v4.0.10.0 incl. utility here … 834#p43834 cool

RT2860 series v3.2.2.0 (Vista-7 x86 & x64) try here … 398#p45398 big_smile
           note:  install v3.2.1.0 first if you want the utility --> … 830#p43830
RT2870 drivers v3.2.4.0 incl. utility (Win-All) available here --> … 704#p45704 big_smile

If i've missed any HWID's compared with WLAN_11.04, or they're just missing (listed in links below?), let me know & i'll update the applicable pack. cool

chip info: &
kick-asp antennae with Chinese cookware utensils (learn to wok before you run!)

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers updated to v3.2.3.0 WHQL(x86 & x64 - use package 1st for utility) here: cool
    depressurized here --> link removed .. updated below big_smile

ENHANCEMENTS:    - Provides support for additional notebook models.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers have been updated to v3.2.7.0 WHQL (DriverVer=11/14/2011,; incl. utility) {supports add. HWIDs}
    here --> big_smile Doh, no direct linking there anymore.
  unbjorked here -->   Edit:*** updated below *** cool cool

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

rt6x updates exist via --> … 633#p43633

rt7x updated to DriverVer = 09/30/2011, for Win7/8 from WindowsUpdateCatalog:
   x86 here --> … 30cf6a5159
   x64 here --> … baea4a9b31 big_smile

an updated vista driver {DriverVer = 02/24/2010,} follows:
   x86 here --> … b0a23f7440
   x64 here --> … 9c0e4342ad big_smile

  Full RT7x package (incl. utility) available here --> … 834#p43834

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

Got them all now.  Guess I missed one eh?

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

as did station-drivers.  Individually, even Heroes can only at best approach perfection.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

um..  the RT2500USB (aka RT70) drivers were left out, too. sad … 639#p43639

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 {DriverVer = 12/07/2011, v3.02.09.0000} WHQL for Win7 is here … D=DS027692
  direct-dl here --> … w401ww.exe
This is a combined driver for Atheros & Ralink HW; the Ralink RT2860 driver is in the CyberTan folder.

unbjorked here (w. utility) -->   Edit:*** updated below *** big_smile

RT2860 v3.2.11.0 exists in the wild, yet i have no oem link as of yet.  WHQL extract from unofficial source as follows:

  Edit:*** updated below ***

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

funny thing... the download page says "No Geek Needed".

-> Note: Support for Windows Vista & 2008 64 bit!
802.11 USB Wireless LAN Adapter
No Geek Needed


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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

LOL, too funny.

Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 drivers are updated to v3.2.12.0 WHQL
{Vista DriverVer=02/24/2012,;W7 DriverVer=03/05/2012,}
from RaLink here --> … php?sn=500 *
from HP       here --> **
declassified here --> Edit:*** updated below *** big_smile

RT2870 drivers are updated to v3.2.9.0 WHQL {DriverVer=04/17/2012,} from RaLink (MediaTek) above.
devolved here --> … big_smile ***

*  Note that both drivers have recycled previous driver package names, yet they do indeed have updated drivers.
**  Drivers are bit-identical, yet this package has an updated utility, restricting HW with HWid.ini
***  Most up-to-date utility of all packages.

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 Win7 driver updated to v3.2.13.0 {DriverVer = 04/12/2012,} WHQL.
  HP users can use the updated utility included.
available here -->
     readme -->

& uncorked here
(with utility from v3.2.12.0 package) --> … big_smile

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Re: [REQ] WLAN - Ralink drivers

RT2860 series Wireless LAN

updated to v3.2.14.0 {DriverVer = 07/05/2012,} WHQL'ed for Windows 7 (x86 & x64)
& introducing v4.0.3.1 {DriverVer = 07/03/2012,} for Windows 8 (x86 & x64) *
  here -->  big_smile
  readme --> … 58084.html
uncorked here --> … .3.1-w8.7z  big_smile

*Note:  The Win8 drivers may have issues with the Security Catalogs, although i'm uncertain.

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