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I have got a HP Pavillion dv6-2150es that has a broadcom 4357 device. … ct=4105448

VEN_14e4&DEV_4357&SUBSYS_145e103c (desc: 'Broadcom Corporation Device 4357 (rev 01)')

I have found out a driver pack: … p;SC=PA_6E

But it gives an error on the INF file. how can I fix it?

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Well, that acer driver is probably the wrong one then! smile
Did you try this download? … ct=4105448
I just released DriverPack WLAN 10.02 today.  Can you give that a try and report back?

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The wireless Assistant is an application. nor a driver. i will have a look the 10.02 WLAN pack.

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Was this ever resolved?

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the trouble is that I have the PC/laptops only a few days, so I am not able to test them after that period. As soon as I get that laptop back I will test again, but as far as I  remember that WLAN pack did not resolve the problem.

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Refer to the wireless user guide:
this is the latest win7 driver(according to hp):
it is very specific about the hardware id: 

BCM43XNG22_NT61, PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4357&SUBSYS_145E103C

The latest driver (v5.100.82.15) that i know of is here: … N44WW1.exe

Ensure the wireless switch (if applicable) is set to the on position.  Ensure that you know your WiFi password, you will have to re-enter it.
  Use a program like 7-zip or winrar (for example) to right-click on the file, & extract the contents to a folder (IN6WLN44WW1 for example).  Navigate to the Broadcom\\Driver folder.  Explore the folder that matches the version of windows you are using.  Right-Click on the Address bar, and...
For Win7:
select 'copy address as text'.
  Left-Click Start.  Type devmgmt.msc & press enter.  update the driver for your wlan with 'Browse my computer for driver software'.  Right-click & paste the previously copied address in the 'Search for driver in this location' list box.
If this doesn't automatically find it you could try to 'let me pick from a list of device drivers' & selecting the 'Have Disk' button.
For XP:
select 'copy'
  Left-Click Start.  Type devmgmt.msc & press enter.  update the driver for your wlan with 'Install from list or specific location'.  Right-click & paste the previously copied address in the 'Include this location in the search' list box.
If this doesn't automatically find it you could try to 'Don't search.  I will choose the driver to install' & selecting the 'Have Disk' button.

Beware, i cannot be responsible if this doesn't work, or messes up your system.  I hope this is of assistance, though. cool

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I'm adding the below Win7 driver to the HP series in the next DriverPack WLAN. … p;sw_lang=
The .inf has an XP section so it should work fine.

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oops.. that may have a XP component in the inf, yet it was a NDIS6 driver & WHQL'ed for win7.

    %V_BCM% = BROADCOM, NTx86.6.0, NTamd64.6.0, NTx86.6.1, NTamd64.6.1

at least you didn't select the 64bit driver; not that i would know of anyone that would try a 64bit driver on XP. roll

Here's a candidate for Win-All, WHQL, HP specific, DriverVer=05/20/2011, big_smile
readme-->  It adds support for "PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_1795103C".

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Implemented in \H for DriverPack WLAN 12.02 (in testing)

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Oops... error in H (untested though).  "bcmwl6.inf" is used (6 denoting NT6) instead of "bcmwl5.inf" as noted two posts up. (from cat file:  OSAttr:  2:6.1)

Updated to DriverVer=08/31/2011, here --> big_smile
sp55140 readme -->

bcmwl5.inf & related files are in: 'sp55140.exe\Setup.exe\Disk1\WinXP\Drivers\WinXP\WL'

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Nice catch!
Implemented for 12.02r2

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It's a T.E.A.M. effort! big_smile

former BC Lions QB - Casey Printers wrote:

Together Everyone Achieves More

Speaking of TEAMs, my congratulations to Mats Sundin for having earned the retirement of his jersey number, which was raised to the rafters in Air Canada Centre over the weekend!

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