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Hi, i just made a SAD2 folder for my USB Hard Disk and the NT5 part works like a charm smile but i have a question about the NT6 for Vista/7, the instructions says that i should extract the driver packs to a folder for example in x86 for 32 bit packs in NT6\x86\D but what i notice is that there's no dpinst.exe in that folder, is it because its not required for the Vista/7 method? or because im missing something, because when i run the batch it says "Please wait for the Microsoft tool to complete it's job"

Here is a link to a screenshot of my folder structure:

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For NT6, the correct dpinst.exe is extracted for the architecture of the target system.

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but as u can see on the screenshot dpinst.exe is not there on my NT6 folder, where do i get it then?

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It's in the SAD2\bin\ folder
The folder structure looks like this:

|--+ SAD2
   |--+ bin
      |--+ 7-zip32.dll
      |--+ dpinst32.7z
      |--+ dpinst64.7z (etc.)
   |--+ NT6
      |--+ x86
        |--+ D
      |--+ x64

You'll notice that you get a second command window minimized when you see "Please wait for the MicroSoft tool to complete it's job..." which is why we also say "The progress window is minimized to the task bar"
You would see an error if dpinst was missing.

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Ahhh ok thank you very much smile