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Trying to solve a pretty basic problem and I'm hoping driverpack is the correct option!

We have 12 HP Thinclients with XP embedded at our library that lets the users bring thumb drives to save there data. Lately been running into an issue were the thumbdrive is not supported or getting installed. Kingston Lexar and some no name. Few of the users said they bought the device from 2mon to 8mon.

Our setup is easy thinclient logs in then kicks off a RDC connection to yet another Win XP desktop.

If I pull the MassStorage pack and get it on the thinclient might this help?


thank you

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Doubtful.  The dpms doesn't include any USB drivers.  All the USB drivers are in the DriverPack Chipset.

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I was thinking about adding that to the XP embedded system as well. For the novis of me with these driver packs is it a simple as dragging and dropping the files to C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers ? or more magic i need to read up on?


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To be honest, I've never played with XP-embedded.  You should be able to integrate the DriverPacks into your source with DriverPacks BASE.  I don't know.
Another option is to install the drivers after your XP install is complete by running our SAD2 utility.  But that's an unknown environment to me, so I don't know how it will react.

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Can you point me to the SAD2 utility ?
I dont it on the site, unless its within the DriverPack BASE

Edit- Found it. Now playing with it or trying too.

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