Topic: nVIDIA MCP67 - LAN Controller / Win7 Problem!!!

Hey guys!!

im having an big problem with this HP compaq F754LA(the worse machine). it had a Vista SO, but client wants a new ]SO then we chage to WIN7 but actually we have lost the coprosesador driver and others. 
aaparently another ones are there but dint work propertly(Lan, Video, usb). It dont have internet Acces. I've traying everything  4 days and now im done. im begging help with that masters!!!

Please if need more information let me know...ill online all time.

Thanks so much

Re: nVIDIA MCP67 - LAN Controller / Win7 Problem!!!

You didn't indicate what version of DriverPack LAN you used.  Moved thread out of the XP support forum.
This is a DriverPacks support forum.
If you didn't even try DriverPacks yet, then try our SAD2 utility.
Download the NT6 DriverPacks (either x86 or x64 to match your system) and copy them to the respective folders for SAD2 (example: SAD2\NT6\x86\)