Topic: Basic Driver Disk

I am sure this has been explained somewhere in the forum, but I can't find it....

I would like to know how to create a "basic driver disk" that can be used to "update" drivers from the device manager after the os has been installed.

I work with a small group of volenteers who refurbrish pc's to give to needy faimilies and one of our biggest problems is getting the drivers to work on different hardware platforms after we have re-installed the OS.

I have tried DriverPack Solution and it works.... except it requires a thumb drive of at least 2gb (no money in the budget to buy a bunch of these), plus most of the workers aren't really technically inclined.

Thank you
Gary D

Re: Basic Driver Disk

What you want is SAD2 (Stand Alone Driver Disc).
It's here: … 590#p41590
It works from CD, DVD, USB thumbdrives, Network shares, etc. on any Windows OS from XP up to Win7.