Topic: videomate TV card WHQL drivers 25 Mar 2011

Hi not sure best way to post my two points,

I found some new drivers  for VideoMate T Series TV Card win 7, vista and xp, WHQL drivers 25 Mar 2011

But also have a question on third party packs.  How do I use them?  Looked through tutorial and didn't glean any help.  It appears as if any appropriate packs sit in third party folder it just adds them.  But how do I know they got integrated correctly as log file appears to noticed their existence but never mentions the <SLIP>?

2011-04-23 20:41:40 : <INIT>     Detected 3rd Party DriverPack TV 1005!

2011-04-23 20:47:27 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack Mass Storage to \OEM.
2011-04-23 20:47:49 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPack WLAN to \OEM.
2011-04-23 20:47:49 : <SLIP> Copied DriverPacks to \OEM.