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I was looking for this HWID:
It is a Realtek Wireless device for a Toshiba Laptop (Satellite 660) but  on Toshiba page I was redirect to this one:

I want only this driver update …

But i think that the other driver are useful for driver pack.

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Implemented for DriverPack WLAN 11.04 (finishing now)

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Probably there is a problem with Broadcom driver on Toshiba Notebook. I downloaded latest DP WLAN 11.01 , then burn to CD, trough device manager tryed update driver and i get a yellow icon on device.
I found Toshiba page, there are wlan drivers for Toshiba, downloaded, installed through Setup Installer and now works (trough device manager not work, only through Setup)

Broadcom 802.11n (PCI\VEN_14E4&DEV_4727&SUBSYS_7175144F&REV_01\4&6647B44&0&0030)
Toshiba C660D-164

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Possibly, there is a problem with your methodology of updating this driver.  See this post: … 150#p43150

Of course, using the setup installer gives you the benefit of the WiFi Utility (so handy!)

Has anyone else had problems with Broadcom XP driver v5.100.82.15?

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Hi, the adapter now works good with Broadcom XP driver, also problem was with WPA2 (won't connects), when i choosed WPA, it's works.
One more time i tryed to update to version, installed trough DriverMax and it's was sucessfuly updated.

Maybe problem in methodology (my methodology this: extract DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_1101.7z, burn DP_WLAN_wnt5_x86-32_1101 and their subfolders to CD, then Device Manager, right click Ipdate Driver, next Install the softwaew automatically, now it searching some minutes driver on CD and installs it, then i get yellow icon.

I have uploaded backuped driver from DriverMax trough Double Driver, if it's help. … river).zip

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