Topic: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

for the USB2.0 devices, this driver is the latest: (not a signed driver - yet has virtual com ports!)  big_smile
However; it doesn't support the same devices in the existing DP driver.  The latest that does is: v1.00.2176 AFIK (WHQL), yet is no longer available from mfg. mad

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Re: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

New WHQL driver for win-all x86 & x64 (USB2 - serial)


available here: …   big_smile

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Re: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

Hmm, OK, these will have to wait for the next version.  v11.04.2 is already on the server (I haven't had time to update the tracker.)

Re: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

That's OK, I'm in no hurry.  I'm just doing my best to be a 'contributor', although i have no $$$. smile

Please don't dismiss my similar post for XP.  I have found newer drivers hidden on FTDI's site, updating the WHQL version to the last available for legacy HW.

PS:  What is with these crazy posters wanting to sell jewelry, or get advice on where to move?  Are they Cylon's?  ....Frakkin' Cylons!  mad

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Re: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

These should be implemented in 11.05 (in work).

Re: [REQ] Chipset - FTDI USB-serial drivers

updated to {DriverVer=04/10/2012, 2.08.24} aka v2.8.24 WHQL (see below)
  from FTDI here --> … big_smile
     also available as an executable here --> smile

* WHQL'ed for
2000, XPX86, XPX64, Server2003X86, Server2003X64, VistaX86, VistaX64, Server2008X86, Server2008X64, 7X86, 7X64

Release Fixes:  from Release Notes
•    EEPROM fix for FT-X.
•    Includes fixes from v2.08.14 onwards.

Happy 20th Anniversary, FTDI!
About FTDI.   * Note:  I have no ties to this company, financial or otherwise (present or past).

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