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drivers seem to be for win-all:

; Copyright (c) 2009 Texas Instruments; TI FlashMedia Installation file for XP/Vista/Win7

PCIxx12,PCIxx21 v2.0.0.10 here --> … mp;SC=PA_7
GTIPCI21.DeviceDesc="TI PCI GemCore based SmartCard controller"(DriverVer=05/09/2007, here: … mp;SC=PA_7

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TICB2K.INF listed as for win-all, yet in the package below, it is in a folder (with .cat file) called 'Win2k'.  This is incorrect, no?

updated tiumflt.inf (v1.0.1.0) for Texas Instruments PCI7410 CardBus Controller, etc.
includes a driver missing from DP_misc v11.04 TIFMHDC.INF (v1.0.0.9) with a separate tifmicon.dll (missing icons for 106 - xD - probably not compatible with TIFMICON.INF)  the tifmicon.dll included in DP_Misc 11.04 will possibly work for both.
download here --> … p29788.exe cool cool
readme … p29788.txt

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found update for TIFMSONY.INF to DriverVer=02/28/2007, here --> … 920-US.EXE cool big_smile
from … roup_id=13:

This utility updates the Texas Instruments® PCI7420 Integrated FlashMedia Controller to version to add support for 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo™ Media

Station-drivers has these drivers not do they?  Hmm?

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Got 'em.  Odd, some are older, some newer than in 3\x\ti\

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yes, indeed, it is an odd mix.  Your milage may vary.  it has taken me some time today to research, just to hopefully post pertinent info.  8GB MemStickPROduo support is a coup, possibly. (some sony models do not support with that driver & vista)

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this link would be easier to work with for that TIFMSONY.INF support to v2.0.4.7: … 920-UN.exe