Topic: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

New xp drivers available.  You're probably already on top of it, maybe this helps, though. …     cool

Thanks again for making 'hardware h*ll' not so much so.

'h*ll' gets censored?  That's moth$%^*&ing offensive!  Doh!

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Re: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

Hey watch your F^<#ing language! wink
I already have those from when I updated the Win7 DriverPack LAN. was implemented in 11.03.

Re: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

LAN drivers updated to v11.45.3.3 available here "hot off the ^$%&# griddle!"--> … p;action=1 big_smile

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Re: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

I got your  F^<#ing drivers right here! wink

- I\ Intel from 16.8.1 CD (1/20/2012)
- J\ JMicron JMC25x/JMC26x NDIS 5.x MINIPORT DriverVer = 11/17/2011,
- M\ Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller to 01/20/2012,
- R4\ Realtek 10/100/1000 PCI-E NIC Family NDIS XP DriverVer = 12/08/2011,5.792.1208.2011

Re: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

Marvell Yukon Ethernet Controller

Updated to {DriverVer = 03/23/2012,} WHQL'ed for XP x86/x64 & Server2003 x86/x64
   here --> … p;action=1 smile

Note: - all .sys files are digitally signed (v11.45.1.3)
        - DOS Diagnostic Utility & flashPROM programmer available
            here --> … p;action=1 big_smile

oops, mostly irrelevant post.  my fault for not reading changelog.
Helmi would likely call it a "Type ID 10 T: Posts by those who post but don't read." for the most part.

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Re: [IMPL] LAN - updated marvell drivers

LOL, yup they're in 12.05 alright.
I forget how to read too sometimes. wink