Topic: [REQ] Misc x86 x64 - SMSC IR drivers

Driver v6.2.6000.2 is available for x86 & x64 from
32&64 bit: … 007-01.EXE
X86 … 2_WIN7.EXE   * 'bat' included to add an uninstall regkey?
X64 … 642-01.EXE
big_smile Only for the following HW:

%SMCF010.DeviceDesc% = SMCF010_ndi,   *SMCF010    ; Generic SMC driver
%SMCF020.DeviceDesc% = SMCF020_ndi,   *SMCF020    ; ATI
%SMCF030.DeviceDesc% = SMCF030_ndi,   *SMCF030    ; Toshiba

I have not yet had time to test with w7, yet so far it installs on XP.  How can I tell if it is NDIS 5 or 6.1?  No virtual com ports (like FTDI USB-serial adaptors - I know, that's not IRDA).

This actually works great with XP!  Sent & received 5Gbyte of data (including a 4G iso towards the end of the transfer) with MD5 checksums over IRDA, which took about 6hours!  XP says 250% progress towards end of transfer (xp bug?)  Driver signing broken in XP (i don't know about Vista-7). cool

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Re: [REQ] Misc x86 x64 - SMSC IR drivers

This will be added to the "Misc" 11.05 Third Party DriverPack (in work)

Re: [REQ] Misc x86 x64 - SMSC IR drivers

Standard Microsystems (SMSC - headquartered in Hauppauge, New York) CIR - Consumer InfraRed Receiver
{DriverVer=06/15/2009, 6.1.6000.6} WHQL for Win7 (minimum).  Use IE to download.
   x86 here --> … c82758126d
   x64 here --> … 008582055d big_smile

SMSC CIR Receive=smscir_Device, *SMCB0C2

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Re: [REQ] Misc x86 x64 - SMSC IR drivers

to add Vista support for the IRDA PnP ID's listed in the first post: {DriverVer = 04/25/2007, 6.2.6000.1} WHQL  (DL with IE)
x86 here --> … 75709e364b
x64 here --> … b77b564e0f big_smile

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