Topic: [SOLVED] Disc Integration with all current driverpacks fails

I'm sorry again bringing bad news but I tried 5 times to integrate current driverpacks into XP sp3 cd with disc mode integration and no device was detected after installation.
Couple of days ago I've simply downloaded all driverpacks for Windows 2000/XP/2003 (x86) from here and Dpsbase from here and it's disc mode fails at all.
It's strange but I see the unpacking step before Windows setup begins ( gui progress bars while unpacking driverpacks ) but after setup finishes and at first logon the first thing i see is the standart Windows message: "Device drivers installation finished. Do you want to reboot?"( never saw it before ) Finisher runs at first logon and "self-removed" after reboot - and no device driver installed.

The same machine as here and method2 integration.
The same driverpacks works with combination of sysprep and manually added DevicePath registry value.

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Re: [SOLVED] Disc Integration with all current driverpacks fails

Please tell me that you didn't integrate ALL the DriverPacks?  Post your DPs_BASE.log please?
If you integrate too many (main packs plus Third Party DriverPacks) the driver installation phase will fail because the folder path length is too long.

Re: [SOLVED] Disc Integration with all current driverpacks fails

Of course you right, friend, i've integrated all driverpacks together, i'll separate third parties in stand alone mode, thank you for fast reply. Solved.
Half a year ago it works for me every time but now driverpacks contains really huge number of drivers. Thank to all of it's authors!

Finally it works and it rocks smile
All main driverpacks + PhysX + Langs + Runtimes + HID + Monitor + Ati Tray Tools successfully integrated, other placed as standalone installer and it's DP_Install_Tool.cmd runs after DpsFnshr.exe removed at second boot.

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