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A lot more laptops are coming with switchable video cards (my alienware m11x has intel 4500 and nvidia gt335m).  Do/Will the driverpacks graphics mobile support these?

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Yes, sort of.  I believe that the drivers will only get installed on the device that is "active" during install. 
I don't have one of those to test on.  So I can't be certain.

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Dell: … 273113.exe


%NVIDIA_DEV.0CAF.01% = Section010, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0CAF&SUBSYS_04431028
%iCNTG0.0% = iCNT0, PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_2A42&SUBSYS_04431028

One *.inf file supports Intel and Nvidia graphics.

Are there any driver files, used at hybrid mode only?
Are there any hybrid graphics registry settings?

Does SUBSYS_04431028 refers to hybrid graphic card only?

Nvidia, Supported products: … river.html

Notebooks supporting Hybrid Power technology with Intel chipsets are not supported by this release.


%NVIDIA_DEV.0CAF.01% = Section006, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_0CAF&SUBSYS_04431028

That's the same HardwareID.

a nvidia generic laptop driver use a hybrid HardwareID
and the hardware is not supported official

Overall: hybrid graphic card testing is required

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That's a bunch of stuff that I don't understand.
I'll be happy to test anything out, on my laptop, and report.
I'm familiar with driverpacks for xp (nlite).  I'm just getting ready to start playing with vlite.
Personally, I'd rather get the switchable graphics working in xp, but I don't think that will happen.  Supposedly, xp doesn't/can't power down the gt335m, so the battery still gets used for both cards.
My next preference would be switchable graphics in windows 7 32-bit as I can already download 64-bit drivers (albeit old).
In case you guys aren't familiar with this setup...
I can set the bios to "switchable" (intel/nvidia) or "dedicated" (nvidia only).  In vista/7, switchable gives the ability of doing fn+f2 and switch between the two cards (programs should be closed but no reboot is required).
This ability started with vista and it's ability for hot-swapping hardware.  I guess xp didn't have that option.
Linux has some additional abilities for switching the graphics.  You can either handle it in the bios (reboot required - which is fine with me) or within the operating system.
This is from arch linux (

For Alienware M11x R1 owners: The Alienware M11x R1 has 2 video cards, and can be manually changed with the system BIOS (accessed by pushing F2 during system POST) ::

    * Switchable => linux will use the Intel 4500HD internal video
    * Discrete => linux will use the NVIDIA GeForce GT 335M

Alienware M11x R1 users running Linux have some tools available which will will interact with the hybrid video cards in this laptop.

    * acpi_call allows you to disable+power down the Discrete/NVIDIA card when the system is booted while BIOS Graphics mode is set to => Switchable
    * vga_switcheroo allows one to switch between the Onboard/Intel and the Discrete/NVIDIA without a system reboot and/or BIOS change (yet the BIOS would need to be set for Switchable). is a great site to check out for up-to-date information regarding the state of hybrid graphics in linux.

- For Alienware M11x R2 owners: There are detailed instructions on how to switch on/off the discrete nvidia graphics card on the Optimus (R2) models for the Alienware M11x laptop.

I have an r1, so that's all I'm concerned about.
I'm sure we can get the pack to the point that it works for others, as well.
Again, let me know what I can do to help and I'll do my best.

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doubleJ wrote:

My next preference would be switchable graphics in windows 7 32-bit as I can already download 64-bit drivers

Hybrid Graphics drivers are supported by notebook manufacturers only.
Ask the notebook manufacturer about windows 7 32-bit drivers.

Or try modded drivers at own risk. … s-drivers/

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I downloaded a set of nautis drivers, but they were 64-bit only, again.
I could try my hand and a custom set.  I figured it might be something that would be beneficial to the community, though.

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doubleJ wrote:

I downloaded a set of nautis drivers, but they were 64-bit only, again.
I could try my hand and a custom set.

There are Windows 7 32-bit drivers.
However a notebook relating driver fails at another notebook.
Most likely a m11x patched version is required.

A description and examples. … phics.html … 74582.html

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I did find a 32-bit nautis driver (says m11x supported), but I could never get the drivers to load in windows.
The install went fine, but when I reboot, it's just the non-driver, low-res, screen.
I tried the driver signing process on both the installed files and the install files and never got a high-res screen.
I'm really surprised that this is proving to be such an ordeal.