Topic: [SOLVED] Torrent Download problem

i'm not sure where to post it, but this link from here doesn't give .torrent file, just blank page
and Touchpad_Mouse 11.01 download link from here gives a HID DriverPack torrent file

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Re: [SOLVED] Torrent Download problem

Moved thread and renamed to show correct problem.

Confirmed.  The torrent file download links are not working.  Wim changed some of the site code to fix one other problem and now this crops up.
Thanks for reporting.

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Re: [SOLVED] Torrent Download problem

The DP LAN .torrent link has been fixed — it was caused by my investigation of the earlier problem.

The Touchpad_Mouse DP is just a misnomer, it should actually be called DP HID. Fixed that: … /hid/11.01.

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