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i have made a multiboot various XP. i was interested how to integrated driverpacks on it. i am really nubie on this. i would be very glad if anybody can help me. i'm so sorry for my bad english.

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Our tutorial would be a great place to start.  Linked in my signature.
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I read through the guide and I can't find any further info on how to make a multi-boot XP DVD with integrated driverpacks and OEM BIOS files. I can make a multi-boot XP  DVD with no extras using PowerPacker. I can also make a XP Pro or Home DVD with OEM BIOS files (OEMscan) and driverpacks. But making one DVD with XP home and Pro multi-booting, with OEM BIOS files as well as driverpacks is still a problem for me. I've read through the forums here, at Siginet's forums, MSFN, mydigitallife and one or two other places. Unfortunately, it seems as if this DVD can be made, but the info is not being shared. If anyone here has any help on this, I would really, really appreciate it. smile

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What you need to do is build each source in parallel ie. XPHO (Home OEM), XPPO (Pro OEM), XPMO (MCE OEM), XPPV (Pro VLK), etc. adding SP3, updates, oemscan, and DriverPacks TO EACH FOLDER.
Once you make EACH folder source work perfectly (building/testing .iso in VM), then AND ONLY THEN, build your final PowerPacker .iso with each folder added one at a time, testing between each addition.
In PowerPacker, it doesn't give you the option to use a common "shared" OEM folder.  So you need to add the first folder with everything intact, then remove the OEM folder for each subsequent additional folder source (don't worry, they'll share the one OEM folder.)

Contents of "powpack.ini":



[Extra Files]

[Custom Options]
BootEntryOption=Windows XP Professional Edition OEM SP3






[Boot Entry]

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Thanks for the info. I'll start with it today. Thanks again! smile

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Tried it. Works excellently! Only issue is that the boot menu shows XP Retail for both OS's that I combined. I selected OEM in PowerPacker and it accepted it by showing the correct value at the bottom in blue. However, it did not keep that setting. I did figure out how to manually edit the .ini files and managed to fix it. I really appreciate your help. Thanks.

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Glad it worked out for you.  I agree that powerpacker needs better help files and guidance.  But it's a great tool, though a bit old.

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I was a bit too eager. It worked except for a OEMScan error in the virtual machine. I assumed the error was related to the fact that there was no SLP 1.0 in the BIOS for VirtualPC. To make certain, I installed in my real pc this morning and it gave the same error. The log files shows that it is looking for the windows folder on the d:\ drive and then fails the pre-activation because it cannot find that folder. Needless to say, the images worked 100% as separate editions. This error only occurs when they combined using PowerPacker. I'm still trying to find any files on the image that would allow me to point OEMScan to C:\. Any help with this would be appreciated.