Topic: Big milestone for DriverPacks

November turned out to be a big month for us at
We had just migrated our hosted files from SimpleCDN to MaxCDN (our new sponsor).
We had also just released updated DriverPacks for both NT5 (XP/2000/2003) & NT6 (Vista/Win7) platforms and everyone started downloading them.
We exceeded our previous records of # of downloads in the first 48 hours.  MaxCDN kept up with the demand without a single hiccup.

November 2010: 246732
Since October 10, 2010: 438871

Popular?  You could say that!

Now that we're measuring the number of actual downloads ourselves (instead of relying on the inaccurate numbers in the past, as provided by our previous sponsor, SimpleCDN), we're even more amazed.

We have released our 500th DriverPack.  A milestone!

December is looking particularly good also.
We just set up our torrent network as our primary download method to alleviate the strain on the MaxCDN servers (and our wallets).
Using the torrents is the primary & recommended method for downloads.  Don't use torrents?  Our CDN sponsor is standing by to serve the files to you on demand.
I've released a new version of our SAD (Stand Alone Drivers) utility to make it fully compatible with both NT5 and NT6 installs.
Also work is progressing nicely on our next version of DriverPacks BASE that should be released in 2011 (possibly sooner).

2010 has been a great year for DriverPacks!
I can't wait to see what's in store for 2011.

Happy Holidays from the entire DriverPacks Team!

Re: Big milestone for DriverPacks

Terrific! I've been assigned a deployment project at work. MDT 2010 and driverpacks work like a charm together. I'll report back any troubles if I get some. I might need access to the admin side of the site. My brother (JakeLD) used too and I was using his account to perform drivers updates in the past.

I'll be in touch.

Good job guys!

Re: Big milestone for DriverPacks

Great post. Nice read. Working project. Thumbs up!~ ;)

Re: Big milestone for DriverPacks

Nice idea about the torrenting stuff. I'll try my best to seed as my own personal contribution to this project.