Topic: [REQ] XP HID for BartPE

I have three XP laptops - 2 with Synaptics TouchPads - which work poorly under PE» … opic=22338
There must be many PE users with TouchPads ... would like to request the Synaptics TouchPad for XP BartPE ...
Merci viel Mal ...

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Re: [REQ] XP HID for BartPE

You shouldn't need any specialized touchpad drivers with PE.  The system will just use the generic mouse driver.  It's PE, you're not going to need advanced scrolling or multi-touch are you?

Re: [REQ] XP HID for BartPE

I describe the problem in the beginning of the post at the link provided, "I can use a USB or serial mouse in UBCD4W but not in PM or BartPE.
The problem is that the touchpad controlled mouse seems set to automatically click any & every where - which is annoying & also dangerous."
The Synaptics also behaves that way under a normal XP boot when the SynTP exes are not running and were not closed in the proper sequence ...
The Synaptics also behaves that way when PartedMagic is loaded ...
Really need the Synaptics for XP BPE ...  maybe there is no hope for the PM situation but the PE situation really needs a fix