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As a long time 'lurker' at Driver Packs, just wanted to say thanks to all that work on them, particularly the Mass Storage and Network ones.

They make my job easier every day.

I first started automating Windows v3.1 installations, adding specific video drivers to nearly silent installs so that large teams could roll out to hundreds of computers without imaging software (which cost too much). From there, I remember - in the days of Windows 95/NT - realising that the automation capabilities were much improved and began adding drivers for all the hardware (video and network mainly) in our company - about a thousand machines, probably 20 different models. In the end, though I realised the power of the process, the task of maintaining even that number of drivers was a real burden.

To think that you guys had the drive required to produce these packs, not only for your own hardware, but essentially for ALL hardware is beyond my comprehension. Since I started using these packs three or four years ago, they have save me hundreds of hours of hassle downloading drivers, worry about SATA text mode drivers on machines without Drive A:, etc. They have essentially worked flawlessy across my almost thirty clients of varying sizes with dozens of different machines.

I hope this little note helps keep you going when people hassle you about the next release taking too long. Your work is greatly appreciated.

Rod Clark

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Re: Thanks!

Your kind words go a long way in motivating the team.
Thanks for your "Thanks". smile

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Re: Thanks!

Thanks for the encouragement and the endorsement, Rambo! smile

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