Topic: What's the difference between DriverPack Graphics A, B, and C

The only information I've found seems to suggest that they are broken up b/c of the size but I don't understand why that would matter.

When I downloaded and extracted all three 7 zip file (actually I think it was 4 including the Graphics languages DP), I got overwrite messages for some files. Does this mean that Graphics A, B, and C have some of the same drivers in them?

Re: What's the difference between DriverPack Graphics A, B, and C

The three Graphics DriverPacks are divided up based on target systems now instead of content.  This may change in the future depending on user feedback.
Graphics_A: Mainstream ATI/Nvidia desktop/mobile.  (A for Active)
Graphics_B: Business-level ATI/Nvidia/Matrox for workstations; ATI FireGL, Intel, Nvidia Quadro, Matrox Parhelia (B for Business)
Graphics_C: Catch-all for the bulk of other drivers such as SIS/Via/ etc. (C for Catch-all)

The Language Third Party DriverPack contains international language versions of some files within the three main packs, so you will get prompts to overwrite the English-only files with their multi-language counterparts.

We tossed around the idea of a fourth pack to handle all the outdated/derelict drivers but this idea was abandoned.
Graphics_D: Outdated or obsolete hardware such as 3dfx/older ATI/ etc. (D for Derelict/Dated)

It's possible that we'll bring about the creation of a single "Archive" DriverPack which would include REALLY old or abandoned drivers (LAN, Graphics, Sound, etc.) for old systems.  Who knows.