Topic: New releases for March 2010

If you haven't noticed, we've refreshed our updatetracker with new updated LAN, WLAN, Graphics A & B (and languages), Sound A & B DriverPacks for NT5-based OS's (Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server).
Please review the updatetracker for download links, MD5 hashes and changelogs.
Thanks to the whole DriverPacks Team and Testing Team for making this possible.

Re: New releases for March 2010

Uploaded DriverPack Sound A & B.
It only took two years... wink

Re: New releases for March 2010

You can always put the fault on a 28.8k modem of yours. wink

P.S.: those are great news. I see this as a kind of "snowball effect," where the time you people put into this creation gets me to put time in the one of my installation CD, the end effect being people at the end of the line benefiting (most of the time for free, isn't it?).

That said, great news. It cannot get any better than this.